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Wellness as
second nature

The Call

JASON was natural before natural was cool. But as demand for natural personal care products increased, so did the competition. JASON was first, but was becoming invisible with no distinct brand story or design.

We needed to define what the brand stood for, and how to uniquely express its point of view at shelf.

What we did

Research & Insights
Purpose & Meaning
Brand Voice
Design Strategy
Identity Design
Packaging Design

The Work

We discovered that Jason actually means “healer” in Greek. And the “umlaut” over the “A” in the brand mark suggested Swiss origin – a place where mountain botanicals and the idea of herbal healing lives large.

We began to explore how the idea of “living well” could be reimagined for the modern American family. Through our design exploratory we refashioned latent notions of a healing place into something more luminous, experiential and enlightening. JASON was renewed as a brand with the power to open our eyes to the restorative wonders the natural world.

The Impact

  • Consumers told us that the design now better embodies the brand’s simple health credentials
  • Successfully improved breakthrough at shelf, increased taste appeal, and modernized the overall look and feel of the brand

Award 1

2018 Gold Award

Award 2

2017 Silver Award